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Full wedding planning

Organizing a wedding can be a stressful procedure for a lot of people. By adding busy working schedules or living abroad, the whole wedding planning may look impossible to hold. Roia Weddings can take the stress off your head and help you plan your wedding as you have imagined it. We take the time to know you as a couple, so we can offer you personalized services. From deciding the location and the theme of the wedding, to the finest execution on the day, we’ve got you covered!

Day-of coordination

You have organized everything for your wedding day but on the day, you just want to relax and enjoy. We can help you take the day off! Ideal for couples that have taken care of everything and want the day to run smoothly, while they are enjoying their special day to the fullest.

Christening planning

It’s the big day for your offspring and you as parents. If you want to make it big or simply don’t want to run everything on your own, we are here to help you organize the perfect christening. Together we can choose the location, the theme or concept and anything else you may need for the day to be unforgettable.

Event planning

We provide our services for any event that you want to like to enjoy. Either it is a special birthday party or a great bachelor party, we are here to help you make the day awesome!

We plan and coordinate:

– Engagement celebration
It’s your engagement to a lifetime together and you want to celebrate it properly? Let us give you some ideas!

– Bachelor parties
Bachelor and hen parties are the next best thing to a wedding. Make it unforgettable…

– Vow renewals
Are you already happily married and would like to celebrate your lasting love with a stylish event? What about a small, custom-made ceremony?

– Same sex unions
We organize events for celebrating your civil partnership or exchanging vows of love and devotion.

– Table for two
We can stage a romantic setting in any corner of the island just for the two of you.

– Birthday parties
The celebration of birthdays is always a reason to party! If you want to make it special for you and your friends, or you want a surprise party well organized, we are here for you.

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