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About Us

The story of Roia Weddings begins more than 20 years ago, resulting from a beautiful friendship.

Back then, when Lemnos was our place of summer vacation…

Now that Lemnos is our permanent residency, we began our partnership
with our luggage full of experience,a very good knowledge of the island and its people,
and an inexhaustible source of creativity.

But most of all we do it because we like people.

We believe that every person is different and this alone is a well of inspiration.

The pomegranate, an eternal symbol of good luck and fertility, led us to Roia, our name.

Roia is the ancient Greek name for the pomegranate tree.

Our team

Elsa has worked for many years in the catering field and is also engaged
in the filming and digital processing of videos for weddings, christenings and other events.

Creative spirit, is always thinking out of the box!

Ismini is in the field of marketing and has worked for major corporations in the past years.
As a marketeer, she has planned and coordinated many corporate and festive events.

Schedule oriented, is always one step ahead!

Through a careful selection of suppliers and having discovered all the hidden treasures of the island,
we have proposals for every taste and need to ensure that your special day is a day of pure relaxation and joy.

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