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Mira & Jacob Wedding

We met Mira and Jacob one year before their wedding, on a chill & relax café at Keros beach. They came with their friends, which is always a good sign. Mira is from Austria, Jacob is from Germany and in Lemnos they found the place to host their mutual love for windsurf. Apart from loving each other, they also love messing with the waves!

Their wedding was right on the sand, bare foot and relaxed, just like the couple when we met them. For this special occasion we placed a triangular arch with two large floral synthesis in front of the water, to serve as a photo lens to the sea. The flowers were in the colors of pink, salmon, white and burgundy with nice leafy green elements. Around the arch there were chairs for the guests, close family and friends, as well as a nice vintage table serving nice canapes, cold water with lemon and spearmint and sparkling wine. The bride arrived in a small boat, with her father paddling to bring her to Jacob, and that made the whole scenery even more romantic and cinematic.

The ceremony was simple and wonderful, with the feet on the sand and love on everyone’s hearts! The people that surrounded the couple were amazing, smiling all the way and happy to the core. We keep saying it…

Beautiful people make beautiful weddings!

Thank you Mira and Jacob, we were delighted to plan your wedding!


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