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Eleytheria & Sotiris Wedding

Eleytheria & Sotiris got married in August 2019, holding a civil wedding and reception at a beach bar in Myrina, the capital of the island. One of the most relaxed and easy going couples we’ve met, they love their friends and family… but they also love parties! So we began organizing a party for… 250 people! The ceremony took place on a deck, overlooking the beach of Riha Nera during the sunset. For this wedding we needed to create an extra deck of 16m and put extra lights on the beach, in order to bring out the desired result and have everyone sitted.The decoration included bottles of liquor in different shapes and styles, working as vases or candle holders. This boho style decoration was completed with beautiful little flowers and greenery, put in the brown bottles, to give out a colorful result. The wedding table had their favorite bottles of Hendricks gin, adding to the decor. The cigar and cocktail bar just pumped up the volume of the party, which ended with the first daylight! Creative as a couple, they had designed a world map for the guest sitting, which was both interactive and fun. Loved it all the way!